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Wuxi houses a gas leak explosion 4 dead 6 injured the accident is under investigation (Figure) – Beijing, Beijing, September 19 Nanjing Xinhua (reporter Sun Quan) 19 day at 4:54 in the morning, Jiangsu Wuxi New Area Shuofang Wu street wall Zhai Road No. 220 houses explosion caused the collapse of the housing, the people buried pressure. As of press time reporter, the scene has been the end of the search and rescue, the accident has caused 4 people were killed and another 6 injured in hospital for treatment. Cause of the accident is under investigation. Wuxi police today announced that, after a preliminary understanding, the collapse of houses to 3 two storey houses, a layer of three restaurants, suspected for liquefied gas leak caused the explosion. Crane into the accident scene rescue. Sun Quan photo, I thought it was an earthquake, get up and run out quickly." Residents near the accident site master Xu told reporters, the day before dawn when he was awakened by a loud noise, thought the earthquake, he ran out to see, that is Wall House Road No. 220 side collapsed, there was a woman trapped in the rubble and shouted for help. Xu master understand what happened in the vicinity of the majority of residents were awakened by the sound of the explosion, some residents heard the cry for help after the spontaneous rescue, then someone called the alarm call. "The woman was rescued after we said his family buried inside, asked us to save her family." Master Xu said that the woman was rescued, said the whole house and 9 people were buried. Subsequently, Wuxi fire, 120 emergency, police rushed to the scene of the accident rescue. A broken glass at the scene of the accident. Sun Quan photo reporter rushed to the scene, the police have pulled up the cordon at the scene of the accident at the wall of the house, and control of traffic around the scene of the accident. The scene around the street is full of broken glass, collapsed houses is in ruins. After the accident, many onlookers residents have to discuss the matter. According to the surrounding residents, about 10 days ago, one side of the houses along the street just opened a store of duck fans. The explosion of the "center", this is a new duck fans shop. Residents also said that the accident was buried several people are migrant workers to Wuxi. Figure for bed explosion accident scene. Sun Quan photo after the woman rescued, and soon there was a little boy was pulled out, and then there are 2 men, 2 women and the rescue of the children were taken to hospital after the rescue of 2." Onlookers told reporters, because the sound is too large, most of the residents were awakened, so there are a lot of people rushed to the scene early in the morning onlookers. (end)相关的主题文章:

Wide leg pants and double 叒 叕 upgrade! You don’t out Oh ~. happynewyear

Wide leg pants and double Yi Ruo upgrade!? You don’t out Oh ~ really slit dress has been popular for a long time, not tired? Ding dong! Your pants the upper slits ~ cannot read the title of the bitch who rose to shellfish, knowledge, "double Yi Ruo said things change quite frequently.". Do you understand? (poker-faced nonsense face) "click to play GIF 833K wide leg pants, trousers in the best fighter, characterized by significantly higher stored meat loved by the people, now not arrogant! So arrogant wide leg pants are constantly upgrading, upgrade to version 2 wide leg pants, skirts! Then, wide leg pants and upgrade, with a belt, into a wide leg pants pants bag 3! Have to say, a pair of pants are more inspirational than you. Because, wide leg pants and double Yi Ruo 4 edition – slit pants upgrade! Listen to what is slit skirt, slit pants? The so-called slit pants is to open a hole in the pants, exposing the leg lines, more than Fashion slit skirt. The pants have an exclusive Name: Front – Slit pants. Be aware that no matter how the temperature changes throughout the year, thin is the eternal theme, only thin can save our manners and values. There is a very magical pants Bixiutu software all heavier, can let the small thick legs are second long legs, and are of direct wind index burst table! It is slit pants! Whether it is fashion week or shot in the street, slit pants will brighten. In this ingenious design trouser slits but has big function, she can modify the stout calf, but also save not perfect height, please call it the hero! Click play 455K GIF相关的主题文章:

US general election poll today to open a large probability of winning Hilary poll (video) t420s

The election polls open today estimated Hilary victory probability [Abstract] local time (Beijing time November 8th 0 November 8th 13), 6 registered voters in New Hampshire Dixville pass village will start in the local vote, mark the 2016 United States presidential election vote started. Republican presidential candidate Trump in an election campaign. Democratic presidential candidate Hilary takes part in a church. The United States election into the final sprint "swing state election stalemate trend is difficult to judge carries on the investigation to the newly discovered mail in overtime, the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) 6, decided to maintain the July for the first time after the investigation of the conclusion is unchanged, there is no evidence that democratic presidential candidate Hilary Clinton and his aides to · in violation of the law, not to the United States Department of justice recommended" mail "incident against Hilary. Before the US presidential election, only 2 days, the Republican candidate Donald · Trump and Hilary everywhere, the last time for voters. To maintain the original FBI conclusion: "we do not change the conclusions of the July" FBI director James · 6, the United States Congress sent a letter to the senior Komi, announced the findings. The letter said, "round the clock" investigators reviewed the new mail all send or receive email from Hilary, "we do not change the conclusions reached in July". Hilary in March last year by the U.S. media exposed the use of private servers to send and receive e-mail service as secretary of state. Shortly after she announced her candidacy for president in April last year, FBI launched an investigation into the mail portal. In July this year, Hilary said that she Komi behavior and senior assistant handle confidential government was "extremely sloppy", but there is no evidence of the offence of intentional, not recommended to the Ministry of justice to prosecute Hilary. The United States Attorney Loretta · Lynch then announced that Hilary not to prosecute. However, from day 11 days in October 28th, when Komi announced an investigation into "the mail door" restart. The reason is in investigation, former congressman Hilary aide Humana · Aberdeen’s husband Anthony · Weiner; suspected to underage girls send pornography case, federal investigators found some "Hilary mail door" new mail related investigation. The Republican Party, "Hilary is always acting on his own rules," said Hilary, head of communications at the campaign, and ·, 6, welcomed the findings of the FBI survey on. She said: "we are pleased that the matter has been resolved." James, who attended the rally with ·, a basketball star in Ohio, did not mention the incident in, Hilary. Attend the meeting in Minnesota and Michigan, Trump continue to "mail door" attack Hilary corrupt and untrustworthy, said she is a fraud protection system, but even after being elected president, will remain under investigation. He said: "Hilary · Clinton is guilty, she herself is clear, FBI know, human society相关的主题文章:

Jiangxi, a man in the street to kill police offering a reward of 200 thousand yuan Hyde (Figure) – B foldercure

Jiangxi, a man in the street to kill police offering a reward of 200 thousand yuan Hyde (Figure) – Beijing Beijing News (reporter Lin Feiran Zhang Jianbin) on October 29th at 11 pm, Jiangxi Province, Jiujiang Yongxiu County police attacked and killed in a local area. Beijing News reporter learned from the local police, the deceased Department of Yongxiu County police station Huang Guifu, the suspect fled the scene after the crime, the police are catching. On the evening of 29, Yongxiu police issued two notices, said the suspect bears descent local triangle countryman, "player may carry the crime weapon", will reward increased from 50 thousand yuan to 200 thousand yuan. Two crime caused 1 dead 2 injured in Yongxiu County Public Security Bureau said that the murder of SHUNFA supermarket located near Yongxiu County Town District spark coating. Many witnesses confirmed that the suspect fled the scene after the murder with a knife, police brigade police rushed to the scene, police confirmed that the victim has died Huang Guifu. A live video news reporter obtained show that the time of the incident the police Huang Guifu umbrella, hand carrying a barrel of oil, just walk along the street, a black man suspected of using the tool from the rear by Huang Guifu, stabbed at least 6 knife, causing the fell dead. Triangle Xiang Jian Hua village Party Secretary Xiong Huanwei said, the bears had previously due to wounding case at the end, several times during the prison, leaving his wife, leaving a more than and 10 year old son. Usually only more than and 60 year old father and stepmother in the village, he almost did not come back. Village director Deng Shian said, attacked the police in the county, the bears at 11:40 am was the first shuttle distance of about 5 kilometers outside the village, "go home to find a stepmother took a piece of clothing." After holding a butcher knife into the previously had disputes of the neighbors, stabbed neighbors China and bear the bear. After two people were found to be sent to the county people’s Hospital, the bear is not yet out of danger. Yesterday, Jiangxi County Public Security Bureau has issued a two reward notice, the amount of reward from 50 thousand to rise to $200 thousand in. The two time the police issued a reward notice on the evening of 29 two Yongxiu police issued a reward notice, the suspect is the local village people bear triangle Yun Shi, male, 40 years old, ID number 360425197612192836, about 1.75 meters tall, wearing a black suit jacket escape, riding a red cross type "Qianjiang Motorcycle", carry on may carry a murder weapon. Beijing News reporter search found that the new legal news reported on January 2009, Delta Township in Yongxiu County, the village cadres bear in Huanwen Jianhua drove to the county by way of blocking the knife in the siege, died. Xiong Huanwen attacks a total of three people, including a man with the same name bear world. Earlier reports said the suspect bears the world because of theft was sentenced to imprisonment, released from prison in 2008 once again in Fuzhou crime, was Fujian police as online wanted. In 2009, Xiong Yunshi suspects on suspicion of intentional injury causing death, the prosecution was arrested. As of 10 pm, the suspect is still at large in the world bears state. At present, the case is still under further investigation.相关的主题文章: